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        2. Advantages

          Brand Group is a leading solutions provider in the Israel metals industry,
          for infrastructure, energy and security.
          The Group offers a wide range of products and services while achieving
          high synergy between the activities and extensive production capacity through
          production sites spread out nationwide.
          Brand provides comprehensive services in manufacturing and construction 
          of the highest standards of quality and our main customers are industrial companies, energy, government agencies and major security companies in Israel.
          Brand’s production plant covers 100,000 sqm .with advanced equipment an annual output tonnage – 22,000 tons and 35,000 sqm and  production line dedicated for LPG pressure vessels in  Netanya site. and 50,000 sqm.with advanced equipment for automotive assemblies in the  Lower Galilee site.
          The Group Engineering Department uses the most advanced technologies to produce detailed design including designated software developed by the company's engineers

          Our History

          The company was established in 1978  by Mr. Reuven Brand. In 1993 it went public on the Tel Aviv stock exchange and in 2008 was acquired by the KCPS Fund. Since 2011, Brand has been growing and adapting new capabilities to meet the ever-increasing needs of our clients.
          With commitment to excellence as our driver, Brand will continue to successfully fulfill the needs of industry, creating value for our clients. The Company is proud of its extensive operations of exporting to international markets, and especially Western Europe and of being a partner in building significant national infrastructure.

          Our Vision

          Brand will be Israel's leading provider of solutions
          for metal products, tailor-made to fit most stringent
          quality and supply schedule demands.

          Corporate leadership

          Chaim Brand


          Amir Brand

          VP & Quality Control Manager

          Elisha Penker


          Roy Riftin

          VP Marketing & Business Development

          Eliezer Ben Harush

          Pelegas & B.S. Brosh CEO

          David Gozlan

          Grand Ofek Projects CEO

          Eitan Zait

          Carmor CEO

          Board of directors

          Gilead Halevy

          Chairman of the Board of Directors

          Chaim Brand

          Board of Directors

          Iris Avner

          Board of Directors

          Ruven Vitle

          Board of Directors

          Uri Einan

          Board of Directors

          Gilad Shavit

          Board of Directors

          Jacob Amir Zeidman

          Board of Directors



          Our clients

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